Magic, astrology, divination, and witchcraft have always been fashionable and practiced since the beginning of the world. Every culture has own way of practicing magic and there is a considerable amount of literature on this.

The most ancient roots of astrology and divination known to us come from the ancient Thrace and Mesopotamia and have been culturally transferred though the generations especially on the Balkans and the Middle and Near Eastern Oriental countries particularly remembered and practiced by the contemporary pagan cultural groups.

As Bulgarian and scholar of Assyriology I am culturally attracted to the ancient Thracian and Old and New Babylonian Akkadian astrology, magic, and divination. The decay of astrology started with the Hellenistic or ancient Greek era and therefore their way of practicing astrology is not a subject of my work and research.


These four notions were one single construct in the ancient world and they were practiced interchangeably. The ancient Babylonian astrology is Hermetic, the one based on the original lore of Hermes.

The story legend of King Enmeduranki- the Illumination of Hermes

According to the legend, the first person to whom the gods gave the knowledge of the heavenly signs is En Meduranky (Enoh-Hermes), who was the king priest of Sipar, the city dedicated to the Sun (Shamash), and the seventh king of Mesopotamia before the flood. He was said to have reigned for 43,200 years.

Shamash, the king of Sippar, the friend of Anu, Enlil, and
Ea, Shamash and Adad, the god of the wind, raised him at
the assembly of Gods- Shamash and Adad (they exalted
him), putting, sitting him on a great golden throne,
revealed to him the mystery of Heaven and Earth- how to
predict as gave him the tablets of the gods, the pattern on
how to predict on liver of the sacrificial lamb, oil in water,
the mystery of Heaven and Earth, laid in his hand the
cedar rod, the beloved (favourite) of the great gods. And
according to their commandments, he showed the secrets
of predicting and magic to the men of the cities of Nippur,
Sippar, and Babylon and exalted them, and set them to sit
in the throne before him, and showed them the mystery of
heaven and earth. He gave them the tablets of the gods,
the pattern of the liver of the sacrificial lamb, the mystery
of Heaven and Earth, put in their hands the cedar rod, the
beloved of the great gods, the tablet of the gods, the
pattern of the liver of the sacrificial lamb, the mystery of
Heaven and Earth, how to predict by observing the oil in
water, that interpretation and how to compute. The
virtuous sage who keeps the secrets of the great will
swear his beloved son with a tablet and a stylus in front
of Shamash and Adad and will teach him. When the
priest is an expert in the oil seed of good seed, a
descendant of Enmedourani, the king of Sipar puts the
wooden crate and holds the cedar staff (rod) priest of the
king, (longhaired) priest of Shamash conceived by a man
of pure seed and if he is healthy in body to approach
Shamash and Adad to and interpret the signs.”

Melammu project translation

The above is also to emphasize on the divine and ancient nature and origins of astrology, magic and divination. The particular city of Sipar in Sumer was where the first civilization comes from, from the
Black Sea area and it’s bottom, and the city Sipar is the contemporary Bulgarian city Durankulak (Enmeduranki).