This is part 3 of the Astral Magic series and is about creating protective amulets for your self, for others and for your home.

There is a difference between talisman and amulet and in the first two part of the course we emphasized on the creation of astrological talismans. Their purpose is for improving certain difficult aspects in the natal chart, making life easier, and achieving certain goals.

The amulets have mainly protective function. Many people suffer from “evil eyes”, envious influences from others, black magic and more.

The amulets have powerful protective powers against the complaints listed above.

The course will include:

  • types of amulets for personal protection
  • home amulets
  • casting electional astrological chart for the creation of powerful amulet
  • practical work

This course will last approximately 4-5 hours and will be available in July 2019.