God Nergal and Mars

Nergal is the king of the underworld, but Mars has other names-Sal batanu likely linked to its color. They called it ” deceiving Planet “, ” Strange Planet ” and has associated with stars and constellations which responding to the countries enemies of Babylon- Elam Amarru and Subartu. So he connected with death, plague, fire and war. The babylonian Mars was considered more malefic and sinister than Saturn. The omens from Babylon always bound Mars with death and serious negative events.

In the omens, if Mars is bright, not invisible, would be good for the enemy Subartu. Conversely, when it is invisible in the rays of the sun it is good for Akkad, Babylon. His nature is good, they say when he is invisible.

They watched how bright he shine with his first appearance “If Yoki (Yoke- one of his names ) appears low and is dark in appearance …”. “Mars will rise and destroy livestock …” Mars often associates with the fate of the livestock.